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News for 07-Aug-22

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Standing or 'Easy' Walks May Help Type 2 Diabetics Control Blood Sugar

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
High Blood Pressure Might Affect Some Kids' Thinking Ability

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Omega-3s a Recipe for Healthy Blood Pressure in Young Adults

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Stressed Childhood Might Raise Risk for High Blood Pressure Later

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
More Research Cites Salt's Potential Health Risks

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Health Tip: Prepare for Travel With Diabetes

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Yoga Called Good Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
glipizide and metformin (Metaglip has been discontinued in the US)

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
FDA OKs High-Tech Diabetes Device to Help Replace Fingerstick Tests

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Medical Newscast
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Medical Newscast

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Sheet: ASPIRIN® - a Trusted Brand

 by: News Canada

Fact Sheet: ASPIRIN® - a Trusted Brand

  • Acetylsalicylic acid, or ASA, the active ingredient in ASPIRIN® was launched on the German market under the trademark ASPIRIN® in 1899.

  • Today, ASPIRIN® is a registered trademark of Bayer AG in Germany and in more than 80 other countries.

  • With its history, ASPIRIN® has earned the trust of citizens and medical communities worldwide.

  • ASPIRIN®'s mechanism of action has been thoroughly documented and described over the years.

Pain Management

  • ASPIRIN® is indicated for over-the-counter treatment of acute pain. It is recommended for the relief of headache, pain and fever of colds and flu, muscle aches and pains, menstrual pains and toothaches.

  • ASPIRIN®, as an over-the-counter medication, is indicated for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of arthritis. ASPIRIN® relieves the burning pain of arthritis inflammation right at the site.

  • Doctors may recommend ASPIRIN® for other types of pain management. Talk to your doctor to determine if ASPIRIN® is right for you.

Long Term Preventative Therapy

  • Coated ASPIRIN® Daily Low Dose is doctor recommended for daily therapy.

  • Coated ASPIRIN® Daily Low Dose contains a special formulation of ASA. Other ingredients such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen that are meant to relieve pain do not have the same action as Coated ASPIRIN® Daily Low Dose.

  • Doctors say it's okay to take more ASPIRIN® for pain relief if using ASPIRIN® for doctor supervised preventative therapy.*1

* As with any medication, speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using.

1 - Data on file.

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