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News for 07-Aug-22

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Sharp Drop in Blood Pressure After Rx May Be Risky for Some Heart Patients

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Low Blood Sugar Linked to Death Risk for Hospital Patients

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Omega-3s a Recipe for Healthy Blood Pressure in Young Adults

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Yoga Called Good Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Normal Blood Pressure in Clinic May Mask Hypertension

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Chemo More Damaging to Hearts of Diabetics: Study

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
More Research Cites Salt's Potential Health Risks

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
FDA OKs High-Tech Diabetes Device to Help Replace Fingerstick Tests

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Health Tip: Creating an Insulin Routine

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Death, Aging, Rejuvenation (Part 3)

 by: Aleksandr Kavokin, MD,PhD


How did aging appeared?

If mechanism of Death was chosen by evolution, how was aging chosen?

Why for example at certain age animals do not die instantly and just give the room for the next generation. Nurturing is one explanation at least for human society.

But lets say new generation of young adults already reached puberty . Why would not old generation die in an instant. Why do they age?

Actually there is nothing impossible. Some butterflies grow couple years, mate, produce new generation and die in one day. Some plants live 1 year, some live 2 years and then invariably die. Some live 1000 years. Lemmings, having overgrowth of population, just go and massively commit suicide in the sea. No questioned asked.

Why aging in other animals take several years?

It might be selected by cut-throat evolution during another catastrophe.

A relatively mild Cataclysm happened in the same time when all adults died programmed to do so. Older animals would survive the disaster. But they died instantly from internal timer. Younger generation did not tolerate the mishap.

All species that did it - just disappeared. Younger animals were not adapted to new conditions. Only animals with mechanism of aging were selected. Maybe the aged animals are not so good as younger ones. They already slightly deteriorated. But it is better than nothing.

Anyway. It makes sense why Death and Aging were selected during the Evolution.

- continued in Part 4

About The Author

Aleksandr Kavokin, MD,PhD

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