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Medical Newscast

News for 17-Mar-20

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Bonus From Your Blood Pressure Med: Fewer Fractures?

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Low Blood Sugar Linked to Death Risk for Hospital Patients

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Stressed Childhood Might Raise Risk for High Blood Pressure Later

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
High Blood Pressure Rates Have Doubled Worldwide Since 1975

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Normal Blood Pressure in Clinic May Mask Hypertension

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Even Small Rise in Blood Pressure Can Harm Black Patients

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
FDA OKs High-Tech Diabetes Device to Help Replace Fingerstick Tests

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Health Tip: Creating an Insulin Routine

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Sharp Drop in Blood Pressure After Rx May Be Risky for Some Heart Patients

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Medical Newscast
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Medical Newscast

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Crutches can be used to help assist people in regaining their mobility.

 by: Mike Yeager

Today there are so many products on the market to help people get around. Crutches are a support mechanism used by people whose own ability to support themselves has diminished. In addition, many post operative patients find that a piece of medical equipment like crutches can greatly assist them in rehabilitation and in gaining a sense of independence. Crutches have become a common piece of medical equipment stocked by many medical supplies outlets.

There are so many varieties of crutches to choose from today. There are wooden crutches and forearm crutches. All are sturdy and solid and built with safety foremost in mind. Post operative patients quickly realize the durability and necessity of using crutches to help them get around and begin building up their muscles.

Some people require the use of only one of their crutches (which makes it more like a cane) while most people need to use both of their crutches to get around after breaking a leg. One important consideration when choosing crutches is the comfort of the underarm cushion. The crutches must be sized for your individual height and should be comfortable to use.

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Mike Yeager


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