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News for 29-May-20

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Bonus From Your Blood Pressure Med: Fewer Fractures?

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Standing or 'Easy' Walks May Help Type 2 Diabetics Control Blood Sugar

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Can Protein, Probiotics Help With Blood Sugar Control?

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
High Blood Pressure Rates Have Doubled Worldwide Since 1975

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Low Blood Sugar Linked to Death Risk for Hospital Patients

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Even Small Rise in Blood Pressure Can Harm Black Patients

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Health Tip: Prepare for Travel With Diabetes

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
glipizide and metformin (Metaglip has been discontinued in the US)

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Chemo More Damaging to Hearts of Diabetics: Study

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds

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Medical Newscast
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Medical Newscast

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Medical Newscast
For information about Medical Newscasts look no further. We have links to great resources regarding all forms of medical internet broadcasting.
Medical Newscast

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Holding Back the Years

 by: Adrian Richards MBBS, MSc, FRCS (Plast)

Maintaining a youthful appearance is a goal for many of us - both men and women alike - as the years pass by we look at ways of preventing the onset of inevitable signs of aging. Thanks to an established range of treatments offered by LINE BREAKER, specialist in the provision of non-surgical procedures you can prevent the visible signs of aging.

Founded by respected consultant surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards and Melanie Smith a specialist aesthetic nurse, the company is committed to preventing the visible signs of aging. The straightforward procedures, are in the form of Botox®, Restylane® and Juvederm® injections and a range of skin peel products including Obagi Blue Peel and Glycolic Peel. Also included in the range of non-surgical procedures are Isolagen® and IAL System.

Botox® is highly effective at treating forehead lines, crow's feet and frown lines. The virtually pain free process involves injecting a tiny amount of Botox® solution just under the skin, in sites on the area to be treated, using a very fine needle (the same type of needle that is used for premature babies). All in all, the treatment takes only 10 minutes, its effects last on average of four to six months and results can be expected in a little as fourteen days.

Botox® treatment has been used successfully for over 20 years and is backed by extensive clinical trials, with over 1400 medical research papers showing it to be safe and effective. The treatment, which is administered by a highly trained medical practitioner, works by the botulinum toxins attaching themselves to nerve endings and blocking the signals that would normally tell your muscles to contract. This releases the muscles and allows the skin to repair deep wrinkles from the bottom up.

Restylane® is a popular non-animal alternative to collagen replacement therapy and consists of a clear gel, which will smooth wrinkles and folds and give contours, as well as providing lip augmentation.

Juvederm® is a hyaluronic acid in the form of viscoelastic gel, which is transparent and homogenous and has emerged as a compound for filling in wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a physiological constituent of dermal tissue which maintains local moisture content and is gradually reabsorbed with time.

Obagi Blue Peel® is a procedure designed to significantly improve the appearance and health of your skin, as well as even out any pigmentary problems involving the face and other areas of the body suitable for men and women of any skin type and colour. It is ideal for anyone who wants to look better and reverse the appearance of the ageing process. Those who have blemish-prone skin, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, sun damage, or general poor skin quality will benefit the most.

Glycolic Peel is comprised of an all natural alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane. Alpha Hydroxy acids occur naturally in certain fruits and foods. Of all the alpha hydroxy acids, Glycolic is the smallest in molecular size. This small molecular size allows it to penetrate the skin.

Treatment with Glycolic acid is gentler than chemical peels and is used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin of the face by removing its damaged outer layers. Rejuvenation treatment unlike any other available today.

IAL System is a long acting bio-revitalisation programme to recreate a youthful appearance by restoring elasticity, firmness and hydration of skin. As we age, the level of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases considerably, leading to the appearance of ageing skin and the formation of lines and wrinkles. IAL stimulates the production of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, all vital components of younger looking skin.

LINE BREAKER has a nationwide network of treatment centres. For further information or to find your nearest treatment centre visit or call the information line on telephone number 0845 2300015 for specialist and sympathetic advice.

Note to editors

Botulinum toxin A (Botox®) is a chemical produced by the Clostridium bacteria. Botox® is a protein derivative of the toxin.

About The Author

Mr. Adrian Richards is a respected consultant surgeon and founder of Line Breaker, the company is committed to preventing the visible signs of aging.

Author Contact Details

Name: Adrian Richards MBBS, MSc, FRCS (Plast)

Address: PO Box 254, Cambridge, CB3 7XY, United Kingdom

Phone: 08452300015


Web site:

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