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Medical Newscast

News for 12-Jul-20

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Even Small Rise in Blood Pressure Can Harm Black Patients

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Omega-3s a Recipe for Healthy Blood Pressure in Young Adults

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Bonus From Your Blood Pressure Med: Fewer Fractures?

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Standing or 'Easy' Walks May Help Type 2 Diabetics Control Blood Sugar

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
High Blood Pressure Rates Have Doubled Worldwide Since 1975

Source: MedicineNet High Blood Pressure General
Stressed Childhood Might Raise Risk for High Blood Pressure Later

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Jardiance (empagliflozin)

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Insulin Prices Skyrocket, Putting Many Diabetics in a Bind

Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General
Chemo More Damaging to Hearts of Diabetics: Study

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Medical Newscast
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Medical Newscast

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Should Mom Move Closer?

 by: Molly Shomer

Things to Think About Before You Relocate Your Elderly Parent

Your home is now miles and hours away from your parent. The best thing would be to move Mom or Dad closer...or would it? There are a lot of reasons why it might make sense to relocate an aging parent closer to the rest of the family.

But, before you suggest a move, give it some serious thought. Be sure that this move would really be the best thing for all of you. Once you have made the commitment to relocate, it will be next to impossible to undo.

Following are some important things to think about before you make the decision to relocate an older person:

  1. Can my elder get along without me (at least for a while?)

    • If my elderly parent don't depend on me for regular assistance now, can the move wait until I have had a chance to learn about local elder resources here?

    • If I am working long hours, how much will I be able to assist my parent after the move?

    • Who will select, pack, or sell possessions? Will a house have to be sold?

  2. Social Life

    • Is my elder confident enough to venture out and to make new friends in a strange place? Will s/he be leaving a good network of supportive friends?

    • If my aging parent is driving on familiar streets now, will s/he be able and safe to do so on unfamiliar territory, where the traffic may be much heavier? Is transportation available, or will I have to be the chauffeur?

  3. Important Medical Questions

    • Does my elder have a long and close relationship with current physicians? Can we find equivalent physicians who will treat an elderly person? Many specialists, in particular, have reduced or closed their Medicare practices.

    • Will health insurance transfer to this area? HMOs are geographically limited.

    • Will the climate be a concern?

  4. Financial Issues

    • Is the new cost of living affordable? Social Security and retirement income will not be adjusted if your parent moves to a place with a higher cost of living.

    • If s/he is currently receiving state benefits or assistance, what will the requirements be to qualify in the new location? Even within the same state, there is often a wait before services resume at a new address.

    • If a house must be sold, what are the financial (tax and other) consequences?

And this is the most important question of all...What does the elder think? If he is competent and able to make his own decisions, does he want to relocate? Will you spend hours of effort and anxiety trying to find the "perfect" answer, only to be told to mind your own business?

© 2002 Molly Shomer, All Rights Reserved. You are free to use this article, in whole or in part, as long as you include complete attribution, including live web site link and email link. Please notify me where the material will appear. The attribution should read:

About The Author

By Molly Shomer of The Eldercare Team. Please visit Molly's web site at for more elder care articles and important resources for those who are caring for aging adults."

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